How to turn on Wi-Fi on Android

There are a few different ways to turn on and off Wi-Fi on an android device. My recommendation is to add a power control widget on the home screen of your phone. This way you can easily toggle it on and off and it will also give you some other power saving controls (i.e. screen back light brightness)

To add the widget to the home screen you will need to make sure that there is enough room for four icons horizontally available on the screen. (On my personal phone I have power control on home screen three by itself.)
Once you have decided which home screen you want to put the widget on you will then press and hold into any open area on the home screen of the phone. A menu will pop up and depending on model certain menu options like widgets, shortcuts, folders, etc.

Since at this time we are adding a widget to the home screen press on widget and scroll until you see power control. Select power control and then it should be added to the home screen. If the widget does not add to the screen and your phone says that there is not enough room. Simply select a different empty home screen to put the widget on.

The controls will look like this:

When the bar under the icon is green that means that
power is on. The display brightness depending on
model can be adjusted between 3 to 5 brightness
settings. GPS I would recommend leaving turned off
unless the navigation or a business search is being
used. If you go to Google maps or in the navigation the
phone will prompt you to turn on GPS. So it's best to be
left off.